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Mekong River Cruises
Vietnam & Cambodia
The Mekong River is the 12th. largest river in the world and there can be no tapestry of river life as fascinating and varied as the River Mekong. Temples, trade routes and fishing villages in the river's path are today untouched by time, just as the way of life they represent. Nowhere are the river's riches more apparent than in Vietnam and Cambodia and we will explore the two countries, two cultures and two ways of life linked by one great river. Experience life on the river from small rural villages to booming capitals, visiting temples floating markets and much more along the way during your unforgettable Mekong River odyssey.
RV La Marguerite stimulates the mind and enriches your physical well being. Its unique concept sets it apart from the rest. This 8 days 7 nights cruise offers a distinctive way of experiencing the Mekong through the passion of Marguerite Duras. The guided tours to historic and cultural sites, local attractions, museums and galleries are developed to enrich personal experience, enriching lives passion and inspiration. The Interior Design incorporates colonial French details and ornaments, local artifacts and Mekong styled furniture to replicate a true colonial feel set in premier and luxurious comforts.
7 nights Mekong Delta Odyssey